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Without using medication, how can a person overcome agoraphobia?

Category: Agoraphobia 8 years ago
Asked 8 years ago

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What worked for my social phobia was when I experienced an anxiety attack I completely relaxed and let the feeling wash over me, instead of trying to fight or resist the anxiety which is a battle you will never win. It is very hard to do this at first after years of being dominated and held hostage by the feelings of anxiety but if you have the courage it works, or it did for me. What you have to remember is your body is only reacting to the messages your mind is sending it and this is done in a prescribed manner. Your mind or body cannot invent new senarios each time so there are no surprises coming. Have the courage to completely relax and even challenge your mind to do its worse. With each passing anxiety attack your mind will weaken and the panic attacks will reduce in intensity until it fades away. I've explained all this in detail and my experience overcoming social phobia in my blog if you are interested. They main thing to remember is you can overcome it because it is purely a state of mind not a fault of your body.
Answered 7 years ago

i dont understand how anyone can relax during a panic attack, ive been told you have to calm down....hello? lol
Answered 7 years ago

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