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Not so much a question as it is a.. opinion/discussion I guess?

Does Religion hinder rather than help mental wellness? So. A long time ago when I tried going down the religious route of seeing what could help my depression or anxiety, all I ever got from the people I asked about it was long rambles about how I'm being punished for not praying enough, or I deserve what has happened to be because I had done something that "god" didn't like and I was being punished. Needless to say, all I ever found from religion was people trying to make me focus on doing more for them, praying, "devoting myself to god" (whatever the fuck that means). Whereas when I finally got sick of the constant insults to my intelligence and degredation talking about how I'm "not clean enough" or "deserve to be punished for not obeying him", I turned to the logical step, science. Through science and actual counsellors with degrees and stuff, along with help from medication, I have found myself improving much more than I have been before, I'm much more stable in recent time than I have been in the past, so to reiterate my question... "Does religion harm your mental health rather than helping it" My reasons are as such: Religion teaches you that you are: - Flawed - Broken - Imperfect unless you do what they say - Need 'saving' - Will be punished unless you do what they say - There is no reason for what happens to you other than you deserve the bad stuff Science teaches you that you are: - As a human, as good as you can be - Even if you have mental health issues, you aren't broken or worthless - Mental illness can be overcome by focusing on yourself and taking time to heal - Medicine can be used as a helping measure, because your bodies natural chemistry has changed - Science will also give you reasons why your body is doing what it is and why you feel how you do
Category: Depression 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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Matt....I think you've answered your own question. I agree with everything you've written about religion. I grew up in a religious home and had to spend well over a decade in counseling and various forms of therapy to get to a point of really being able to survive each day. Go with your know the right answer when it comes to this question. Like I said...your answer is in your message....
Answered 4 years ago

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