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Do you ever just like... Want to not exist anymore?

Seriously... sometimes I just want to sort of, cease existing... Not die, not die at all, but just suddenly disappear out of existence. Who knows what caused it this time, could be anything, but hooray, I'm now back on stronger medication than before and BLEH... I just feel so useless, I can't even exist properly without fucking something up
Category: Depression 3 years ago
Asked 3 years ago

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Whatever you do, just don't give up. I saw a video of a man that tried to jump off of a bridge ... and it ended up being unsuccessful and he survived. He said the moment his body left the bridge it was instant regret. He's glad he survived and so is his family and friends even when he thought nobody was in his corner. Life gets hard sometimes and you do just want to disappear or make it go away but then sometimes there's a glimmer of light or hope or purpose. I deal with anxiety and depression myself and the best way I deal with it is writing, singing so that I can belt stuff out and just coming to the realization that every single day is a new start.
Answered 3 years ago

I do not work with a letter of recommendation service complete lack of understanding of what a person wants to do in life. There are adult guidance specialists who specialize in this. But here it is worthwhile to understand that these are systematic (and not one-time) meetings with a lot of work. And again the work of the candidate himself. You need to think a lot, analyze, and ask the right questions. And also - try.
Answered 11 months ago

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