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Phobias with GAD is driving me insane

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder a little over two years ago. My neurologist, who I see for my temporal lobe epilepsy, prescribed Clonazepam to combat the anxiety attacks that I have. However, the level of severity changes with both the seasons and situations that I am in. Since it is sliding into Autumn and Winter, all I think is that everyone is going to start getting sick and my emetophobia is the first thing that takes over causing anxiety attacks three times as bad as the ones I typically get. When I have an attack nausea is the first side effect which due to my phobia exacerbates the situation in a circular motion, making it perpetually get worse. When you lump my basic hypochondria into the situation, it just doesn't seem to get any better whatsoever. I've become so nervous all of the time that I literally feel like I'm going insane. If it wasn't for my willpower I would have broken down a long time ago. I'm trying this website because I'm trying to find a place that can truly help, even in the littlest bit. I'm losing it and no one in my life is understanding or remotely helpful and I don't know what to do.
Category: Anxiety 7 years ago
Asked 7 years ago

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I can't really relate to your medical condition but I have GAD and Phobia of being contaminated in any way shape or form, I struggle daily when it comes to everything. It's not like I have my moments then I'm good it's an all day every day thing. And yes I fear im going to lose my mind, it really scares me. Many people have told me that you won't go insane but the fear is still there. Every single day is a struggle for me, maybe you can relate to that. Stay strong, I'm trying as well
Answered 7 years ago

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