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Where can I find good resources for learning mindfulness at home?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew about a good FREE resource for finding mindfulness exercises online, or through an app. I would be grateful for suggestions. Thanks, Patricia
Category: Anxiety 6 years ago
Asked 6 years ago

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Of all the stuff I've read, I found "Open Focus Brain" to be pretty good. I'm only halfway through but it teaches you to not hyper focus, to pull back, listen, look.. and focus on things your brain cannot focus on.. it helps to generate Alpha waves which is a goal of meditation and helps relax the brain. For example, say you're lying in bed and you're spinning about whatever you're anxious about and causing that dreaded snowball effect. Instead of thinking about that, start thinking about where your hands are, then think about the space between your hands, the space between your feet, different spaces, the feel of air enteringat the back of your mouth from your nose.. your brain has a hard time grasping onto abstract things like this and helps it relax. Not easy to do if you're having a crisis. But if you're having some stressy anxiety but can do that, should help.
Answered 6 years ago

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