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Worrying about people's thoughts

I always have anxiety about my friends, like my brain likes to convince me that they don't like me and that I'm super annoying and a burden to hang out with. :/ I know it's not true, but those thoughts are still constant! Anyone experience this? Advice?? I also have OCD so it could be that. And I'm always afraid they have a much better time hanging with other people than me lol.
Category: Anxiety 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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I struggle with anxiety and I have thoughts like that all the time, thinking they don't actually like me or that I annoy them anytime I speak or anytime we hang out. I don't have very good advice as it's something I'm still struggling with, but I read somewhere to make a box, I forgot what it was called, but basically you put all of the good stuff you ever get in this box--like notes friends write you, emails people send you, you can write down things yourself that people have said to you--and you put it all in this box. Then when you start to think you're annoying everyone or like no one likes you, you can open the box and look through everything to remind yourself that your mind is just playing tricks. That's something I'm going to try myself.
Answered 5 years ago

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