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Hi Guys, I'm new here. 3 weeks ago I had chest pains, kinda burning, but subtle muscle pain. My wife had me go to urgent care because she was worried about my heart (I'm only 31). They said I may have pulled a muscle in my left peck after jabbing at my lymph nodes for a while. Fast forward to last week. I had it again and my breathing was more frequent and it felt like my heart was racing. We drive into town and about half way there my hands start to go tingly and numb and my breathing is faster and faster and I start to freak out. We pulled over and an ambulance met us and took me to the hospital. The EMT in the ambulance said my hands were tingly and numb because of my elevated breathing. So she helped me get it under control and checked my heard. Nothing wrong there, it was just a little high from me freaking out. Got to the hospital, they did a bunch of tests, EKG, even checked the enzyme that the heart kicks out when under stress, nothing healthy as can be, other than some elevated white blood cells, which was probably because I felt like I was coming down with a cold. So it was great to find out it was my heart and I was a little embarrassed about the whole situation, but was told I did the right thing because it was near impossible until I was hooked up to a machine to see that I wasn't having a heart attack. Quickly some of my symptoms when it gets bad: - Yawning a lot - Cold chills - Cold clammy hands - light dizziness - chest discomfort - slight burning in my left peck - tingly/slight numbing in hands - racing heart - irregular breathing - just consumes my mind, it's all I can focus on when it happens I got home and I took some gaviscon (for heart burn) and it was crazy how fast the chest tightness and pain went away. So I got some Zantac and started taking that everyday, all of a sudden all that stuff went away. Felt great. I stopped taking it about two days ago and my chest is back to where it was just before the hospital and I feel my breathing picking up again. I've never been formally diagnosed with anxiety but I definitely know the signs and I say I do. So question, Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone? Is this just anxiety causing acid reflux, causing chest tightness, causing more anxiety and elevated breathing and basically spiraling out of control? If so, what are some things I can do to get this under control. I recently (as of January) started working from home and previously to that never had these issues. Not sure if being cooped up is adding to this as well. Thanks for everyone that stuck through that essay and can provide some help. I sure do need it. Thank you
Category: Anxiety 4 years ago
Asked 4 years ago

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