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how do i dill with my social anxiety in school?

at school social anxiety can be a very hard thing to dill with. in my classes back in year 11 I had a lot of support teachers in my lessons. and now im in year 12 I cant seem to get the help, the classes have around 20 to 25 people in them and everyday has become more of a fight in school then it ever has been before I feel as though it making my anxiety whorse to the point I don't want to be around my own friends and family. im trying to find coping magnesium's to help me get by in the classes but it is very hard and im now seeking help els were other then school. im crying nearly everyday because im constantly thinking about the classes nights before the build up is destroying. the teachers seem tothink not having the help will help my anxiety but its making it whose I've tried telling them but no one seems to be listening please can someone help me!!
Category: Anxiety 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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Hi @martinegumble I do not really have good answers for you. The one thing I regret about high school is I let it become all about the anxiety and depression until I turned my back on my friends, including the ones I had been knowing since I was six years old. My advice would be to put your friends first because putting them first is putting your happiness and the memories you deserve first. And for a few minutes, you get to forget about the anxiety. Put the feelings of anxiety in second place. It is possible to deal with them without letting them become your focus. It has become my belief that anxiety exists for one purpose, to keep us from living our lives the way we choose. I also think you need more than just general advice. You need someone who you can come from school and vent to and they have something constructive to say. It helps with the pain so you have the courage to fight another day. That is what dealing with social anxiety is all about, fighting one day at a time. It's not about winning, but winning for right here and right now. Good luck. Inbox me if you ever want to vent.
Answered 5 years ago

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