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Am I sick or is it my anxiety taking over?

I used to have pretty severe fear of throwing up, I believe it's called emetophobia? Anyway, I used to get such bad anxiety about throwing up that I would make myself feel bad for a little while but eventually it would go away. It hasn't been bad at all for the past few months as I have learned to realize that its all in my head. Recently my sister and a bunch of my friends got sick. Me and my sister were at the mall and I watched her throw up in the middle of a store and it has brought back all kinds of my anxiety about vomiting. I thought I would be okay and it would pass, but just last night at like 2am I got really nauseous and went to the bathroom. I felt like I was about to throw up but I tried to talk myself down, it went away for a second then I felt like I was gonna throw up again. I talked myself down again and went back to lay in my bed. I played on my phone to try to relieve myself and as I was playing and not thinking about it I felt fine, it was just whenever I put my phone down I felt worse. I ended up getting sick a couple times, not vomiting, the other kind from the other end. It's weird because the nausea hasn't seemed to really go away but every time after I go to the bathroom it feels like a different kind of nausea. I'm also very hungry but I'm scared to eat. I would probably just tell myself I'm fine but it seems so real. A lot of the symptoms I'm having seem similar to my sister's when she was sick: when she was distracted she didn't feel that bad and she felt better when she was in bed. It makes me wonder more if its all in my head like if im making myself feel specific symptoms that are similar to hers so it seems more real. My sister only threw up once, so was it her nerves as well? I'm just so confused and I want this to go away, it's never been this bad with the emetophobia thing. Help
Category: Anxiety 3 years ago
Asked 3 years ago

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I suggest going to the doctor just to make sure. Sounds like maybe anxiety giving you those symptoms. I have been going to the doctor for years for anxiety and panic attacks, one day he told me if I'm given a symptom, I'll have the symptom. He was right. If someone I know passes out, I'll feel like I'm going to pass out. If someone has A headache, I'll get one too. Same goes for anything I'm hoping don't happen to me.
Answered 3 years ago

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