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how to deal with fear of disappointing your parents

I have never been diagnosed by a professional but I know I suffer from anxiety. Every now and then I get really server episodes I can't tell my parents because they won't understand and it is even starting to affect my eating habits. My biggest fear is being a burden to my parents and this has to lead to me making the decision to please them. Now I'm stuck mentally I feel unhappy quite a lot of the time but I keep on smiling.
Category: Anxiety 3 years ago
Asked 3 years ago

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"I have never been diagnosed by a professional" Then do it, go to a doctor, tell them you think you have anxiety, get their diagnosis. Then afterwards, you can tell your parents without the thought in your mind of "what if they think I am making it up". Your parents made a choice to have children, that includes any issues that can come with that choice, you can't decide to have a perfect child who is flawless in every way, you get a child and it is up to you to decide how much effort you want to put into making sure that child is the best they can possibly be.
Answered 3 years ago
Answered 12 months ago

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