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Do you tend to blame someone for your anxiety?

I have been a long time really well until I met someone who made me feel frustrated. I try to forget this and to say to myself maybe I wasn´t too ok before either eventhough I was very social person in my personal life, but in my professional and school life I always been shy. I think I was like this because my mom it is very authoritarian with people around her and it is very hard to understand her as a person, but I could handle it for many years and I also do not blame her for what I am today. Mostly I blame some certain events and people made me change completely into a shy person. So, this is my story:D My hope is to find a way to forgive and forget and go on with my life without any of these kind of anxiety, of blaming anyone for it.
Category: Symptoms 5 years ago
Asked 5 years ago

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I feel that way sometimes, for example my dad has anxiety and my mom has depression so I will be like "well it's their fault". But I'm sure they didn't want to be like that either. I'm reading the book from panic to power by lucinda bassett and I just got to the part that talks about blame and how you can't recover until you stop blaming other people and take charge of your own life. You can't change the way other people are, you can only change yourself.
Answered 5 years ago

Yes I have always blamed both my parents. I am finally at the place where I know that blaming is not going to change anything. I also see my part in developing anxious thoughts. The best thought I can use to diffuse the blame is "unhappy people can't show you how to be happy" they simply where incapable of offering security and warmth and encouragement. They dis well as parents in providing for material needs and I am grateful. They did not however have emotional lives they could share and help me understand. The sooner I drop the blame the better. After so many years I find it is so instinctive to pick it back up when I am uncomfortable. A process apparently and not an event.
Answered 5 years ago

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