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Am i going crazy ?

Hello there. I am new here and i think i have social anxiety and as it keeps getting worse ... it started when i started to love a girl at work and it didnt work out she had a bf but i just couldnt shake off that "feeling" for her. From the looks it was matual but as months went on i met a new girl at work from different work station so she is not working near me, we went to a work related x.- mass party and both were there. From friends i heard she asked who am i getting closey with at the podium right after that i kind of cut off with that girl i loved. After that we dont talk much and i overheard her few times talking not directly about me but im sure she was. Thing is people at work now think i take pervitin a heavy addictive drug because when i have these SA feelings i have blank face expression and look like a killer .. especially when they start to talk about me. The fact is that I am angry with myself (idk why), insecure, and shy after it hits (for the fact i only smoke MJ mosty 3 times per month).I never had a problem with people talking about me behind my back or close to me at work but after the failed love incident i cannot seem to control my brain :( .. I start to walk funny sometimes like you forget how to walk, my neck is like literally tingling so it looks like my head is shaking a little. Do any of you guys experience this ? Oh and if i have hangover just a little or im tired it sticks under my skin much quicker ... Is this social anxiety or am i just insane and insecure individual ? Thank you all for your answers and sorry if my english is top notch Im not native.
Category: Anxiety 2 years ago
Asked 2 years ago

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Hi Valentine, Sorry for the long msg. I can't say I've experienced exactly what you're going through. I do get recurring episodes of dissociation and inability to make coherent thoughts. But fortunately it usually happens when I am alone. If it happens when I am with other people, I am always aware of it and I have enough control over myself to be able to walk away for a little bit or just going to the washroom to wash my face. Do you think that could be a temporary option for you? Assuming you are aware of the situation when you start to have a blank expression on your face. I have recently started counselling, and during one of the sessions I found out why I have these "episodes". I still cannot control them, but at least it is better to know, so I can start working towards it. For me it is the way I constantly distract myself with multiple stimuli, and it is the overload of such stimulation throughout the day/week/month that my brain just shuts down but my body still functions. It also happens as part of a defense mechanism when I hear things that would cause me guilt/regret/pain. For now, depending on access and how comfortable you are, you can try: 1. meditation (very helpful to regain control over your mind especially when you want to deal with the situations where you have blank expression) 2. seeing your doctor (if you say your neck feels tingly and you sometimes walk funny, maybe it is good to speak to a doctor just in case) 3. seeing a counsellor/therapist (if this anxiety is persistent, then it might be good to have a few sessions with a counsellor) I have tried all three options and I must say there are no real downfalls for any one of them. If you want to talk to me about any thing that I've said, you can leave a comment or PM me :)) Turtlez Btw, if anyone disagrees with what I said please let me know, I'd rather learn than continue being wrong lol. As long as you do it in a nice way.
Answered 2 years ago

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