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I wake at night, and have this feeling of being out of control, my arms become very heavy,and almost painful without the pain, if that makes any sense. I feel like I need to run, I have to get out of bed, regardless of how tired I am, there is no way of me staying in bed, i have to get up, walk around the house, or do somthing other then laying down. my feeling at the time are so hard to explain, I can't even understand what is going on, somtimes I will take a zanax, and it will put me right to sleep. Is there anyone out there that has anything even simler to this problem, if so please respond. Thank You PJ
Posted in Anxiety, asked by pj, 3 years ago. 480 hits.

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Its called a nocturnal panic attack. I've had them before as I was drifting off to sleep as well as when I've been asleep. Although you dont hear much about it, it is common.
3 years ago


glad i caught this post, i had no idea that it was common to have these panic attacks like that. Kay
3 years ago


Hi PJ. I used to get these nocturnal panic attacks pretty often. I'd grab my dog and go for a walk at like 3-4 am. The only reason why I don't have them anymore is because I take Zopiclone everynight, which takes a while to work (in my case) but once I fall asleep, I don't wake up during the night and don't get nocturnal panic attacks.
3 years ago
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