• AudryP
    Answered by AudryP
    One year ago

    I had trouble eating because of severe digestive problems and had anxiety associated with the symptoms (e.g., scary-bad bloating) that I suffered from before I became aware of food sensitivities that I had developed. I would recommend trying to eat some solid food but if you just can't then try some nutrition shakes because while fruit is good for you, going for a week or more without eating anything with any protein or fat or calcium in it will possibly make anxiety even worse. Calcium rich foods can naturally calm you down so if you can try to eat a bit of yogurt (assuming you're not allergic) then it might help. Good luck.

  • Tina
    Answered by Tina
    One year ago

    I have a problem eating in the morning... I'm just not hungry because I have severe morning anxiety but once the anxiety subsides usually later like mid-morning to noon time I can eat a little something... I get heartburn all the time... It's more like acid reflux so I take Omeprazole daily which seems to help a little... Not all the time though... Sometimes I have to take Pepcid AC and Tums... The acid reflux is due to the anxiety so it's kind of a catch 22... Your Anxiety attacks are causing you to not be hungry?? Or is it that you get nauseous??

  • doc keven
    Answered by doc keven
    One year ago

    Yes, but its an affect of anxiety and will pass in time

  • justinsgrl407
    Answered by justinsgrl407
    One year ago

    Yes I actually had this so bad that I was haveing a gaging reflux when I would chew... Its not so bad now but I can tell it wants to act up at times...

  • onarae17
    Answered by onarae17
    12 months ago

    I have troubles swallowing with anxiety. Lately I can barely eat at all. When I have trouble swallowing, putting food in the equation makes me nearly choke. It's really difficult to eat around others because of this. I have problems when I'm by myself but I force myself through it (I don't care how crazy I look when I'm alone). Right now I'm really suffering this particular ailment. Hopefully it will get better.

  • juliab33
    Answered by juliab33
    12 months ago

    when i have been really hungry, but something has made me very anxious, the hungry feeling goes away instantly and i really dont feel like eating anything, i will often not feel like eating until the next day. I also seem to be going off alot of food and becoming quite fussy. I also am never hungry in the mornings and usually dont eat anything til sometime in the afternoons

  • saratonin84
    Answered by saratonin84
    12 months ago

    Yes. It's only happened 2-3 times, but each time there was a month+ period where I survived on either Vitamin Water or Diet Sunkist because 1) I had no appetite, 2) I had no energy/motivation to actually get up and get something to eat, and 3) I threw up most of what I ate (at first it was involuntary, toward the end I realized I was making myself do it). The first time, I lost 30-40 pounds because it lasted 3 months. The most recent time, I lost 15-20 pounds (because I had co-workers who actually noticed I wasn't eating and expressed concerns, so I ate to shut them up lol).

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