• nessa
    Answered by nessa
    One year ago

    no for me it's immediate anxiety.

  • Tina
    Answered by Tina
    One year ago

    Yes... It happens when I am under some kind of pressure... Like a job interview or public speaking... Sometimes even when I am like cooking dinner and trying to get everything done at the same time... I am not a good multi-tasker cause I can't focus on too many things at once...

  • Tmorrison4668
    Answered by Tmorrison4668
    One year ago

    I start out being nervous, but it often develops into an anxiety attack

  • doc keven
    Answered by doc keven
    One year ago

    YES,,of course most people suffer from a Nervous reaction at some time in their life and it can be in the form of a panic attack..BUT not in the way an Anxiety sufferer continues to suffer Panic attacks or OCD.Many people are prone to Nerves, as we say..BUT are NOT anxiety suffers as such.

  • nervousnelly103
    Answered by nervousnelly103
    One year ago

    I am always nervous. I can't relax. Even around my family I don't feel okay. The anxiety usually pops up when I've reached my limit or some external force comes into play, usually an event I cannot control, something someone says, something I have said that embarasses me, the thought of having to go out alone, anything. But I am constantly nervous.

  • Answered by
    One year ago

    I get nervous before eating, it happens to me often, this because I can´t eat too much alone and when I get to eat with someone it is usually at dinner.

  • Suebear
    Answered by Suebear
    One year ago

    I get nervous a lot too. sometimes it turns into anxiety or a full blown panic attack but most of the time I can get through it ok. I do hate that feeling of being uneasy all of the time, like somethings wrong but you don't know what...

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