• Tina
    Answered by Tina
    One year ago

    Yes!! I have been struggleing with the same issue my whole life... You need to find something that is not going to put tremendous pressure on you... Get a job where you do not have someone that is constantly hovering over you... What is it you normally do for a living? Maybe I can give you some suggestions...

  • Tmorrison4668
    Answered by Tmorrison4668
    One year ago

    If home wasn't such a toxic environment i probably wouldn't work, but work actually helps a little for me

  • Mind Coach
    Answered by Mind Coach
    One year ago

    Hi, trying to understand anxiety in somebody is very difficult to do, since, anxiety is a thought process that got out of control. And everybody is a little different in their own ways with some similarities. There is a center point from which all your emotions flow from, imagine playing a connect the dot game. This game is a little different for you are connecting dot that associate with one thing. Can you find that one thing that feeds off all the activities in your day. Its in your core of what defines your personality. When you are ready have a look at your habits from the time you wake to the time you go to bed.
    To night search The Nine essential Qualities of Mindfulness, it an ancient Zen-Buddhist meditation practice. Once you understand it, perhaps I can teach you how to use it to find success at anything in life.

  • SocialSuicide
    Answered by SocialSuicide
    One year ago

    I have had the same job in retail for a long time though I hate it. Basically I'm too scared to quit because I'd have to go out and look for a new one.
    Every morning I just keep to a routine and not think about the coming day, take a deep breath before going out the door and try to enjoy the walk to work.
    Unfort. it's been harder and harder lately and I've taken allot of sick days.

  • nervousnelly103
    Answered by nervousnelly103
    One year ago

    I have worked, used to work full time while full time college student at one school and part time at another. I have even worked 2 jobs at the same time while in college. I can't focus at work and get anxious. At my last job I ended up taking my daily allotment of xanax in one shift. I'm afraid I will screw up and be fired or repremanded. I feel like a failure.

  • Bluenette
    Answered by Bluenette
    One year ago

    I just graduated college and I can't look for a job because I am not well enough. I barely leave my house anymore. I just feel safer and happier in my room. I held part time jobs in the past and did well at them, but other than that I can't seem to do it. I even missed a lot of time at school. My last full time job went so bad I don't want to talk about it. I have bipolar II as well, so the depression is also a big problem. I'm actually not sure if I will be able to work at all in the future.

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