anyone else get vision problems that linger after the anxiety's gone? Very annoying!

I've had quite bad anxiety the whole of the last week, including panic attacks, general spaceyness and lightheadedness (Which was quite scary as its the first time it's ever been for that long). It finally began to subside a couple of days ago and the fog has generally been lifted, however my eyes still can't relax completely. How long does it normally take for everything to go back to normal?
Posted in Symptoms, asked by tomazo82, 3 years ago. 538 hits.

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I've been there and you are most certainly right, it is annoying. How long it can last depends on each person. The more you pay attention to it the longer it sticks around, just like any other anxiety symptom. Tell yourself that its just an anxiety symptom. Accept it. Dont pay attention to it. Dont fear it. It will go away once you learn to filter out or simply just forget about it.
3 years ago
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