• doc keven
    Answered by doc keven
    One year ago

    This feeling of being so afraid, such Fear of going out,of being in crowds or even amidst family or friends because u may even fear they will see U with the woeful anxiety thing and think u are Mad....being afraid that U have an anxity/panic attack in a supermarket, in some shop, at some friends/families home..whatever..U get easily upset, easily cranky, easily coming down hard on those around u, maybe the kids..The feeling that U R fidgety, restless, want to just get away get back home to ease the Fear,the better at home?..Its your hiding place,..These feelings are bad and are quite revolting, quite upsetting, quite unreal, like UR in another world of madness of NO escape..Its called the "FLIGHT and FIGHT" syndrome.AND: doing all that actually makes U worse..actually increases the FEAR,,actually increase the fear of going out again.U get upset, so tensed, so angry at times with others.U start to "turn people off'..even ur own family,,>>what can U do..well what U can do is HARD, very hard, takes courage, takes NERVES** (**that are already shattered)..IT Takes ACCEPTANCE that u DO have these feelins, these FEARS..Face the bogey man..Go thru the fears, go thru the terror, the difficulty in getting out..YES, sounds easy, sounds ridiculous to U right now.Sounds like this Doc Keven is giving such advise that is maddening?/>>YET>>guys I went thru ALL this..and one day I decided not to allow the Demon to follow me, to take me over..Idid ALL the things that I feared and believe me when I did, I feared them MORE..I was terrified..BUT when I faced the demon, I won the battle..It was a LONG battle, but I won. and I did it all without drugs,,The determined Mind did it with me

  • Fox00girl
    Answered by Fox00girl
    One year ago

    Wow I just joined this site 30 min ago and everything you said is exactly how I feel! It sucks, I want my life back too. I used to not be like this! Good luck to you I hope you conquer your anxiety.

  • justinsgrl407
    Answered by justinsgrl407
    One year ago

    I feel like I have it a little bit... Past few days I havent even wanted to leave this house but I have to push myself and not give in to the feelings...

  • freetobe
    Answered by freetobe
    One year ago

    I have agoraphobia was house bound over 3 years ,i always had fears and anxietys,but it was one time i avoided going in to the store i was having anxiety i waited in the car it got worse i avoided more and more pretty soon it was my family gatherings any body who came to my house i would hide out,i feared my own family and its sad because i lost all those years i could of been with them and now some are past away and i cant turn that around,dont avoid anything fight to your hardest dont allow it to take control,it sounds like it is only the beginning for you.I,am able to do things now with no help i took control after almost taking my life and i knew i had to change or it would not be good, I have come a long ways and will not allow my self to be where i was.The key is dont avoid no matter what dont let it win you are stronger.

  • billbobaggins
    Answered by billbobaggins
    One year ago

    For myself it's open spaces, fear of needing help?, you will find you hate going out and feel more secure at home safety?. When i do go out i need certain safe items with me to feel secure.

  • freetobe
    Answered by freetobe
    One year ago

    What ever makes you feel secure its ok at least your getting out and that is the best thing,i used to feel more secure at home now i see it as depressing and like combined to a cell,so i love to drive or visit my family i hate home after as long as i been combined to it,now its like a living hell being in my home i love the freedom of fresh air and the beauty of nature,

  • simond101
    Answered by simond101
    One year ago

    This is an Article I wrote on the subject:One category of anxiety disorders is particular famous: phobias. These intense, irrational fears can affect anyone, and can be about nearly anything. They often lead to panic attacks and reckless behavior — anything to avoid the situation the person fears.One example of a phobia is agoraphobia. Simply put, it’s the fear of leaving your home or safe area. Believe it or not, agoraphobia is the most commonly treated phobia. Other phobias might be more common in general, but the symptoms of agoraphobia are so debilitating that treatment is nearly always necessary.

    Some famous people who have suffered from agoraphobia include Woody Allen (director), Paula Dean (celebrity chef), and Elfriede Jelinek (Nobel literature laureate).

    Agoraphobia is often misunderstood as a fear of open or crowded places. It can sometimes coexist with these phobias, but agoraphobia is the fear of being too far away from a “safe” area. Agoraphobics often welcome visitors to their home, since they’re in better control of the situation, but simply don’t like leaving their own home.

    Agoraphobic people suffer panic attacks if they feel unsafe; this can include feeling trapped or finding oneself too far away from a comfort zone.

    Like all phobias, agoraphobia doesn’t discriminate. Age, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic background don’t affect who could be afflicted with agoraphobia. The one notable exception to this rule is that women are about twice as likely to suffer from agoraphobia.

    This anxiety disorder generally develops from a mild fear to a serious condition that affects daily life. If you would like to read the rest of it please, GO TO:

  • Answered by
    One year ago

    you simply feel better at home then anywhere else, almost happy...but this happiness is an illusion, a day out into the unknown usually makes me more happy, then staying home alone with all you thoughts. It is also prooved that the light alone and along with a short walk can make you more happy than anyting else. I don´t go out too often either, but when I do I try it in different ways by taking another road or soing something different all the time, but I simply can´t get out alone and this is my biggest problem, but this is because I treat myself without any medicine. I hope you will find a way to get out of this. If you feel that your simptoms just begun, than don´t let yourself into it.

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