Can anyone else see and feel their hear beating?

All day right below my left peck i can see and feel my heart beat and i get worried when it races.Ive lost weight,have panic attacks,stomaches a long with a list of other syptoms.I feel hopeless and want to give up im currently taking lorazepam.
Posted in Anxiety, asked by TyJames, 2 years ago. 409 hits.

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I've never noticed if I can see mine, but I can definitely feel mine at different times. It's kind of a scary feeling. Does the lorazepam help when you take it? I have that too for when I get panic/anxiety attacks.
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2 years ago


Its simple Palpatations that will NOT harm U at all...Yeahm OK, simple for me at the overcoming and understanding level of anxiety..Perhaps though NOT for U and many others..Its can be when U first get IT, very scary, very alarming and frightening..even to the Point that U think U are having a heart attack or going to die.Its a symptom of the anxiety and in time, will pass..Remember even though its there,,even though its the Boogey man..Shoo it away or simply ignore it..BELIEVE that it cannot harm U in ANY WAY
doc keven
2 years ago
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