How common is anxiety?

Online I have read that 13% of the population suffer from an anxiety disorder of one kind. Could this be real?
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i believe anxiety is alot more common than people think as it is unrecognisable to most people and alot people don't speak up about it. Anxiety isn't been made aware of enough and i find people are embarrassed to say they have as many people don't know how do deal with it. Anxiety is very common i work with a company that supports adults with learning disablities and challenging behaviour and at least 90% of are service users suffer with an anxiety in there day to day life and are company is nationwide and continusly growing.
3 years ago


Especially with today's hectic lifestyles I actually think that 13% sounds like a low number for the percentage of the population suffering with some form of anxiety disorder. We have undertaken too much in our lives so it was inevitable. Once we accept this fact then we have to deal with it. Anxiety affects us largely based on our perspective of it so we need to put it in proper perspective so that it does not overtake our life and prevent us from being happy and functioning normally.
3 years ago


I'm sure the MindCharity has stated its much higher then that? But as previously said not many people admit to it. I've known people who have never mentioned their mental health until I do. But did show me there's more people out there who understand.
3 years ago
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