• TY1985
    Answered by TY1985
    12 months ago

    Well, sounds like you may have bradycardia. It is 50/50 – can either be serious or not and it also could depend on your age and level of activity. If you feel weak or sluggish when your pulse is low I would definitely see a doctor because that is not normal and something serious could be happening to you. Keep in mind if you are not experiencing any symptoms out of the norm this could be perfectly normal for you now. Many people throughout life have a change in heart rate depending on age or lifestyle, such as actively working out when you hadn’t before for example. Also keep in mind that it is not completely uncommon for individuals to be bradycardic at night, especially if you are not engaging in any activities and most cardiologists would probably say that is correct if you are a healthy adult. I work on a heart floor in a hospital and we see this a lot. Some patients have certain conditions however which cause the low beat which is why I would still get it checked out. It is kind of hard to tell without knowing your history and seeing your rhythm on a monitor. Your heart is not something you want to play around with. I would at least get it looked at now just to be sure something more serious is not the underlying cause of your low pulse rate. That is about the best answer I can give with the information provided. Good luck with your issue – hope you get it resolved.

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