• VinceLahora
    Answered by VinceLahora
    ears ago

    actually, it wasn't a pleasant one, i had a bad reaction, caused heart palpitations, tremors, and increased my anxiety although i took it as instructed.

  • Nermo
    Answered by Nermo
    ears ago

    i strongly agree with you vince, my experience was great, i was depressed when i knew i a had cancer, and taking citalopram, it basically gave me back my life.

  • Wahdan
    Answered by Wahdan
    ears ago

    actually this medication has worked wonders for me, if you have been prescripted this medication, go ahead, it changed my life.

  • Emy
    Answered by Emy
    ears ago

    Thanks for the quick response guys, really appreciate it,and your answers really helped, it made me take a decision.

  • DanSolomon
    Answered by DanSolomon
    ears ago

    I had a terrible experience. I was misdiagnosed as having depression rather than generalized anxiety disorder and Citalopram increased my anxiety, started self-harming several times a day, self-medicated with alcohol and ended up in hospital. I've heard it can work wonders but please, be careful.

  • treytrey86
    Answered by treytrey86
    ears ago

    its helped me soo much i still have my good days and bad days but it helped me kick start my progress

  • Salocharly
    Answered by Salocharly
    ears ago

    It helped me very much to, you should never, ever mix this with alcohol or any other psychopathic drug, this drug put my anxiety level to 0 it is widely used for the treatment of anxiety as well as depression.

  • Kevin Patton
    Answered by Kevin Patton
    ears ago

    Oh, and the amount of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the blood is inversely proportional to the serotonin level - which is why it can help with anxiety symptoms.

  • RoseDistraction
    Answered by RoseDistraction
    ears ago

    I haven't noticed much difference yet but only been on it just over 4 weeks. I feel bit more positive though. My sleep has been bit disrupted, but think its getting better. I know two other people who are on citalopram and it has helped them a great deal. I would give it a go and stick with it for at least a couple months to get it in your system.

  • no more panic
    Answered by no more panic
    ears ago

    I felt a massive improvement with Citalopram but then it seemed to wear off - my doctor changed me to Ciprelex which is meant to be a more refined version but Ive not felt any improvement

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    For me this is one of the best meds I have been on, for just about a year. I think back to before I took it and I was a total wreck. I couldn't concentrate on anything. But now I can actual sit through a movie with my kids, and not take life so seriously. It also helps having a wonderful team of professionals helping me, I don't know what I would do with out them.

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