Stopping anxiety sweating in crowded places?

I always start sweating while on the train or subway if there are a lot of people around me invading my personal space. The problem is when I sweat I sweat excessivly to the point where my shirt is wet like I had a shower. Is there a technique that helps to stay calm in these situations?
Posted in Social Anxiety, asked by Thomas Stachl, 2 years ago. 1729 hits.

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My psychologist advised me that sweating is a symptom of anxiety, and the first symptom is fast paced breathing. Although you're not able to control the sweating, you can control your breathing. As soon as you feel like you're in a situation where you could feel anxious, consciously slow your breathing down. This should ease the following symptoms such as sweating.
one year ago


I also sweat a lot because of anxiety, but not as much as you. Staying calm in those particular situations is like any other situations. So whatever works for you, deep breathing, gradual exposure, mediation etc. For the sweating specifically, while you are learning to relax invest in a good antiperspirant/deodorant and it might help to bring a change of shirt if you feel like you will need it. Also some meds that people take for anxiety can cause excessive sweating as a side effect and others can cause less sweating so if you take any meds, ask ur doctor. Good luck with this and I hope you are able to find something that works for you :) Sweating is one of the hardest things to control since you can't really decide not to sweat, but as anxiety lowers it will too!
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Honey, when you find out how to stop it let me know! My hair gets drenched, I look crazy. It's not a good look!
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Idk to be honest. If I knew a foolproof way I would share it with everybody on here but for now it's just slow, deep breathing.
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Its ok to be like that its normal for people with anxsity all you can do is breathe and not to think about it! I would look into getting a cd of relaxation off a sycoligist it really helps! Don't let anxiety take over your life you can do this :-)
one year ago
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