How to deal with people who are greifing?

Posted in Depression, asked by ronald rom, 3 years ago. 399 hits.

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By offering support. Be a listening ear as sometimes all they need to do is talk so they need someone who will listen to them. Grieving is a process that they need to go through and it does get a litlle bit better with each day that passes.
3 years ago


being at their side, give them all they need, and most importantly, to listen
3 years ago


Simply be there.
3 years ago


i try to put the death into perspective of looking into the future...i believe in an afterlife and do not believe in death of spirit so i tell people that it's just a matter of time when they will be with their loved ones again and to look forward to that, and not to expect to "get over it" but to let emotions flow as that is part of the acceptance of the passing. i lost my sister when i was younger and others along the way who i miss but i know that i will see them again as we are all on the same path and that is to pass from this world to the next.
3 years ago
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