When is the right time to tell my partner?

One of the main problems in my last relationship was me trying to hide my problems from my girlfriend 'cause I thought, she couldn't handle it. Now,in my new relationship I thought I'd do better and tell her about my mental state. Lately she's been stressed out by work,so I went all back to acting like everything's fine,so I won't burden her even more. Actually,that does feel terribly wrong, but I don't really know when it might be the right time to tell her about it. When she comes home late and is pretty tired, I don't want to prevent her from getting some rest by telling her I hardly managed to fight back heavy panic attacks for more then half of the day... when is it right to bring up something like that and when is it better not to do so?
Posted in Symptoms, asked by Kai Schneider, 3 years ago. 369 hits.

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Way to go, Bob :D
Kevin Patton
3 years ago


I wish i had a straight forward answer for you, but i don't. What i can say is that the fact your in a relationship is a good thing and if you met this lady while carrying anxiety then you should be proud of that. If she cares for you then she will at least try to understand what your going through, i mean you are together so there is something about you she really likes. May be try on a weekend to explain to her what's happening. You never know, she may surprise you by saying it's no big deal to her and it is you she wants no matter what.
3 years ago
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