• Answered by
    ears ago

    Yeah, I'm like that. And it's really strange. Like a lot of people with anxiety, I am a perfectionist. I like everything just so. But with my depression following me around like a ball and chain, I have an awful time getting motivated to clean my house. I keep up with dishes and laundry pretty well, but other than that.......
    So at least 2 of us are like that! Have a good day!

  • Slynnguinn
    Answered by Slynnguinn
    ears ago

    Nope there are three of us, I always have a hard time getting motivated to clean. Even though my anxiety level goes up when my house is a mess. It is a vicious cycle.

  • bmontford
    Answered by bmontford
    ears ago

    Hon, I have trouble just taking showers, housework isn't really on the list...

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