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    ears ago

    i can't give someone compliments either coz when i do i go all embassed , i dunno why , i think its coz I'm scared of what there might say or think .

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    I actually have no problem with giving compliments to anyone. I always in awe of everyone, because I think so lowly of myself. I always think to myself why can't I have confidence like that. I know it is anxiety that takes over, and I always feel not adequate.

  • CuteCulumon
    Answered by CuteCulumon
    ears ago

    I have no problems with giving compliments. In fact, I feel like I am flattering people too much.

  • Muppet Rat
    Answered by Muppet Rat
    ears ago

    I know what you mean JR, I think it comes from my problem receiving complements. I just don't believe people, so when I complement I feel insincere and embarrassed that I may be complemented in return.

  • kerry1994
    Answered by kerry1994
    ears ago

    It depends who it is. I have no trouble with friends. When i was younger i couldn't give anyone compliments. I was the shy one with not many friends and if i gave one of the "popular" people a compliment I was apparently sucking up to them and wanting in "their group". Again, if i gave ANY boy a compliment I apparently fancied them.. just for being nice? Being nice sometimes gets you in more trouble.

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