Does anyone else get confused in a social situation or is it just me?

Whenever I'm in a social situation with someone I feel like I have to answer/reply to it just right or they'll think I'm weird. And I get so confused on what to say sometimes. Anyone else feel like that? Anything similar?
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I go like this to , when i get nervous in social situations i just can't get my words out and when i do it don't come out right or it don't sound right so yeh i suppose i get all confused then i get embossed over it .
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Yeah I do, I know exactly what to say in my head but it often doesn't come out at all or if it does I think it doesn't sound right, sometimes I'm scared by my own voice, like I'm talking but don't feel like I'm talking or know where it's coming from. And also I never know what to say, like I feel people can just talk freely, with me, I'm there like what do I say I never seem to know much about the subject and just don't say anything. But I do over worry about what people will think about what I'm saying and do even feel embarrased about it.
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i think the confusion is normal whether you are a normal or you are a people with social anxiety ....!! but for people with SA it is very different .....! continue to think positive if you are new to suffer from SA .... it actually can help ....
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I know the feeling. When I am nervous, I am tend to be pretty quiet. I do that mainly because either I don't know what to say or I am that nervous that I couldn't say anything. I am also a person who rarely start conversations. I am just that afraid to embarrass myself.
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Absolutely. At times I feel a fog come over me and I just hang in and do my best to communicate what I want, need or feel. I have asked and nobody notices like I do, so its not the big deal I make of it in my head. For me most of it comes from an internal critic that is stronger than is helpful to me. To counteract if I choose to use nurturing thoughts at the same time and before and after an intense interaction with others. For me it takes willingness and practice. I really enjoy the process now. The critical thoughts are Ok I cant shut them off like a switch but its awesome to see how quite I can make them with hard work. It very rewarding when I do thing I never would before with or without medicine and see that so much is capable when critical thoughts are countered with kind and nurturing ones.
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I think most of us with SA feel the need to say something in a conversation to impress or be liked by the person we are talking to instead of just relaxing and enjoying the conversation for what it is . " The reason why we say what we do " .......We are always scared of falling short in someone elses eyes .
3 years ago
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