• Patti  Cunningham
    Answered by Patti Cunningham
    ears ago

    I think the worst is feeling out of control and worry about what MIGHT happen.

  • Missy
    Answered by Missy
    ears ago

    The worst for me is derealization which can only exist in one who suffers from anxiety. Its where you feel disconnected from yourself like a out of body feeling or like a dream feeling.Questioning if the situation your in is really real! Its very strange and when i first got the symptom it freaked me out. I came straight home and googled it and sure enough its a symptom of anxiety that i've never had before even though i suffered from anxiety for years!

  • lynnaz
    Answered by lynnaz
    ears ago

    Nausea and vomiting are hell especially when you barf in front of everybody because you can't make it to the restroom in time. On a plane too. People love it when you barf on an airplane. I've actually used those paper barf bags for their intended purpose

  • SapphirePrincess
    Answered by SapphirePrincess
    ears ago

    Waking up to heart palpitations. Sometimes I lose it.

  • Accepted Answer
    Answered by babyshorty
    ears ago

    I think it can be anger expeshally when u have children sometimes I get so stressed out from my anxiety that I catch myself yelling alot and easily irritable. I love my children more than anything in this world so to take my anxiety out on them breaks my heart.

  • NotSoRosie
    Answered by NotSoRosie
    ears ago

    The thought of dying is the worst symptom for me. Every time I am having a panic attack I automatically think I'm going to die, and the next worst is every one looking at me like I'm some type of freak.

  • geenerb
    Answered by geenerb
    ears ago

    The worst for me is thinking i'm dying also.

  • KaylaKai
    Answered by KaylaKai
    ears ago

    The worst and most embarrassing for me is when i have a panic attack my body goes into spasm and i think im going to piss myself (stupid i know as i dehydrate my body) but the feeling is so overwhelming that i panic more

  • sheabird
    Answered by sheabird
    ears ago

    I get that same out of body feeling when I have a panic attack. I was also having breathing issues which would make me panic. The breathing thing I thought was due to smoking so I just quit as it was scaring the crap out of me. I would watch tv and feel panicky if I was watching a show that showed something stressful; eg.; a car chase, someone drowning, etc. I would ask myself how I'd handle that situation...."I'd panic, that's how I'd handle the situation". Now I don't feel that way but it was getting bad for awhile there. The feeling like I was having a heart attack was crappy too.

  • liz22
    Answered by liz22
    ears ago

    The worst for me is twiching and shaking... when I'm trying to calm down...
    People freak out and it makes it harder to try to relax

  • Arthur walls
    Answered by Arthur walls
    ears ago

    The worst is not being able to breath and you can't swallow not even your spit

  • velmadacheff
    Answered by velmadacheff
    ears ago

    The worst for me is thinking im going to die and are dieing, and also not being able to eat like i should and start loosing weight,
    I have had anxiety for 8 years now i do not take meds for it cause they all send me deeper in to anxiety, i have went for almost 3 years not having it at all and then the last four months it has been terriable.

  • Downtown Julie!
    Answered by Downtown Julie!
    ears ago

    Shallow breathing so severe during a panic attack that I feel chest pain like one of my lungs is going to collapse. At that point, I take very slow and deep breaths while telling myself to just breath, focusing only on breathing freely again. I also feel very light-headed and loose focus on everything like I am out of touch with reality during a panic attack. I also feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness. My panic attacks don't last long if and when I have them since I am medicated for depression to control my anxiety.

  • Hammerhead
    Answered by Hammerhead
    ears ago

    Derealization has always been the worst symptom for me. A new sympton is my feet now go numb.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    When it comes on for no discernible reason, then causes my OCD thoughts of self-harm to flare. Especially when it lasts for hours and I try coping mechanisms but none help.

    And I hate when it starts days in advance of whatever event I'm anxious about and keeps me agitated and not sleeping well. I can't work anymore because of all of the above.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    The worst for me would be depression. I actually first experienced depression at the age of fifteen, but it wasn't as bad as when I was eighteen when I got into an emotional breakdown in the school's restroom. The feelings that I'll never be happy or overcome my anxiety made it worse. I'm trying not to slip back there and by doing that, I'm trying to always remember the five things that'll keep me happy.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    I would say depression. Suffered from anxiety for a long time but the depression is recent and during depression mode I feel like I shouldn't even exist. The summer before university I was close to breaking down. I was nearly in tears when my niece who just learnt to crawl at this point, crawled up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. It's like she knew and well let's put it this way, every time I feel depressed, I just think back to that moment and remember how lucky I am. There is someone who cares about me.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    I'd have to say Derealization, as I hate feeling like that, its as if I'm in a time warp everythings moving and I'm stuck there. Every day I get it and have before said am I here, yes your here to myself, I think its the scariest of anxiety as sometimes you feel as if you don't know what your doing, like your doing something but don't feel as if you really are, like you have to try and snap yourself out of it and come back into reality the list goes on...

  • karl
    Answered by karl
    ears ago

    The worst for me is the OVER THINKING ….… the can’t get your brain to stop thinking kind of thinking… You over think what is going on around you, over think what other people think, over think what you are doing, over think what you forgot, over think your health, over think the Dogs health, over think what you are watching on TV, over think your relationships with people, over think how to do or start something, and ALL OTHER THINGS YOU OVER THINK… The over thinking , keeps you awake, make you forget what you should be thinking about, you Imagine things or build them up to something they are not….. the over thinking turns to worrying, the worrying turns to panic and then some more over thinking about the panic attack you are having….. So for me I have to say OVER THINKING IS THE WORST ….

  • Jonos
    Answered by Jonos
    ears ago

    For me, is the guilt, the doubt and the feeling like I just gave in to a bully just like a wimp would are what hurt me. Knowing that I am a very capable, social and intelligent person that s being turned into a schlub with no friends and little drive are what's really hard for me to deal with. The physical symptoms suck out loud but the lingering effects are what hurt me most.

  • Rene
    Answered by Rene
    3 months ago

    The fear of having an aneurism, stroke or heart attack.
    Fear of falling asleep knowing a spasm will weak me up and unable to breath..
    The shallow breathing is awful ...
    The thought of death comes often to my mind.

  • Isabelleee13
    Answered by Isabelleee13
    3 months ago

    Many things, depersonalization, derealization...... panic attacks.. everything is just awful for me. But If I had to choose, I would choose derealization,its just stopping you from doing normal talking to a friend, going to supermarkets..its even worse when you have these mixed with agoraphobia,which I do

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