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    Answered by lsmith13
    ears ago

    I get this all the time and this is absolutely the hardest thing for people to understand. Whenever I would complain about not being able to sleep, everyone would tell me to do more during the day, to tire myself out. I've tried to explain that it's not a matter of not being physically tired, it's my brain not shutting up!

    Trust me, you're not alone. I'm still trying to work out how to handle this, but I've found some success with journal writing right before bed (to get all those thoughts out!), meditation (to clear your mind), calming herbal teas (my favorite is by Tazo and it's called "Calm".. It's sold at most grocery stores), melatonin (this works well in combination with the Calm tea).. and I'm also on medication (Ambien) as well (I wouldn't necessarily recommend this except as a last resort). I've also tried Lunesta and it's definitely more mild than the Ambien so if you had to do medication, I would recommend starting with that. You can also read up on sleep hygiene and some tips to encourage more restful sleep.

    I hope this helped and that you'll be able to get some sleep at a decent hour! If you ever need any more advice (because trust me, I am in this very same situation), please don't hesitate to message me :)

  • angela_louiise
    Answered by angela_louiise
    ears ago

    Yes I get this all the time. My doctor has put me on Valium for a little while and I generally just take this in the afternoon and night. To help the mind chatter I have a meditation cd on repeat all night. I use the nature relaxation cd by Marneta Viegas. Its meant to be a kids relaxation cd but it works wonders for me. I find that when my mind has something to concentrate on the chatter settles down.

  • lulu1343
    Answered by lulu1343
    ears ago

    ph yes my dear. It is called to me at least. I can't turn off my brain. I read alot at night and it takes my brain on a break so I can at least get my body some rest. I use sleeping aids occaisonally. I sleep no more than 3 hours at a time. It is something that I wish I could fix. but I just chalk up to another of one of my symptoms. I also have the luxury of sleeping when I can. when the kids are not home or toddler is sleeping. I sleep when I can otherwise I go insane.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    I get anxiety just knowing the alarm is coming (for one reason, I don't like random loud noises), knowing that I have a commitment because I'm always afraid I'll meltdown and not be able to make my commitment. Blah, blah, blah... Regardless of everything else in my life, I am a lifelong insomniac. My mom gives me the same shit that it's my fault becuase I don't exercise and expend all my energy, etc... Then she says, "You never slept well from the time you were a baby." Then, after she criticizes me about that and about taking Ambien, I find out less than two weeks later that she is taking Ambien!

    Anyway... Try OTC sleep aids first if none of the relaxtion music, teas, etc. help. Unisom and benadryl I believe top of that market (they are antihistamines). If you aren't taking any prescription drugs, maybe melatonin, valerian root, some other herbal remedies including those, chamomile, l-theanine... But if you see a doctor make sure they knoe what you are on before you take anything from them. And whatever you take, OTC, RX, herbal/homeopathic... research what you're putting into your bodies and brains and check for possible drug interactions (including the aspirin you just took for your headache).

    My sleep is so jacked up right now due to med tweaking so I dunno which way is up, but if I find a way to get it back on track, I will let you know.

    And if you figure anything, please let me know as well. Thanks.

  • TracyM
    Answered by TracyM
    ears ago

    Same here, I need to find an alternative as I have been having a few wines to doze which I know isn't good :(

  • atlmaine
    Answered by atlmaine
    ears ago

    You are not alone. I deal with the same thing. Mostly when I have something big the next day. My mind just keeps going and i think of everything possible that could happen the next day. I tend to think a lot now about graduation in May and me having to find a job. I get anxiety thinking about it. I hate nights like these when im exhausted but cant sleep.

  • Arishark
    Answered by Arishark
    ears ago

    Yes, other times i feel numb, mentally like i can't think.

  • Missy
    Answered by Missy
    ears ago

    My dr started me on trazadone at first. In the beginning it worked great and didn't feel sluggish all day long. Then I would take it and i'd be so sleepy and eyes so heavy and still couldn't sleep. What little i did sleep i was aware of everything going on around me because my brain would not stop. so the dr put me on 1mg Klonopin a night for sleep. It works most nights.

  • theDude7
    Answered by theDude7
    10 months ago

    In my opinion medicine only a short term solution. Look into meditation. Breathing techniques help me a lot, with not only sleeping, but anxious situations. There are a lot of good books and websites that can help you with this stuff. It takes a while to be able to focus your mind so you only think about your breathing but in the end it will help a lot. Again, you will have a harder time learning to meditate to calm yourself then just taking medicine but in the end it is way better for your body (only good side effects) and cheaper.

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