• Missy
    Answered by Missy
    ears ago

    Its a online test that you can print and take to your dr if you want. Heres the link.

  • Missy
    Answered by Missy
    ears ago

    I just took the test. Here is the result. Your score:
    Your score:

    The scoring scale:
    55-65 Moderate social phobia
    65-80 Marked social phobia
    80-95 Severe social phobia
    Greater than 95 - Very severe social phobia
    Mine was 116

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    I got 98, which is classed very sever social phobia, but me personally feel that I have sever social phobia as I can do quite a lot and can talk up in groups, but often don't talk to people indivdually as I find that harder. I often wonder whether sometimes some of these are reliable and come on, to me anyway is telling me something I already know.

  • liz22
    Answered by liz22
    ears ago

    Wow ... I dont like this test =/
    Just took it ...I cant belive I go 80...
    Never thought about half those thins as being part of social phobias ...

  • SocialSuicide
    Answered by SocialSuicide
    ears ago

    I just did the test and got a score of 95! The test seems a bit too simple to give a comprehensive evaluation of my psyche. (How's that for using big

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