• Bob
    Answered by Bob
    ears ago

    i guess it is down to which country your living in Australia it would be recognized as an illness and a government benefit would be paid and rehab assistance into work would be offered.

  • HanaBlack
    Answered by HanaBlack
    ears ago

    I hope not. I wouldn't want to feel like I am disabled in anyway.

  • TheJakester
    Answered by TheJakester
    ears ago

    In the UK, it is a disability that MIGHT qualify for disability income.

    It would qualify for disability accommodations and help from vocational rehab.

  • Accepted Answer
    Answered by Andromeda
    ears ago

    It should be. We need help.

  • lain5
    Answered by lain5
    11 months ago

    I have to do jury duty in a week and I am so nervous about being cooped up in a room with guarded doors. I wonder if having anxiety might be a valid excuse...

  • VeganGirl
    Answered by VeganGirl
    11 months ago

    It is considered a disability. I get disability money from the government every month. It's not much, but it helps. There has to be some benefit from having severe anxiety!

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