Why do i feel out of breath with my anxiety?

Posted in Anxiety, asked by Kat Bayo, 3 years ago. 809 hits.

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Thanks for the info! I will try this!! I will try anything to relieve this awful feeling :/
3 years ago


I have this symptom too!:) all i do, (it's really cliche) but i just relax my whole body, let everything go, and take deep breaths. It really helps me. I think about happy things (not like puppies and flowers) like, movie nights, being home alone(I am an introvert). I hope this helps, talk to me if you need anything!:)
3 years ago


I have the same problem. I have learned that I breathe into my chest and am learning to belly breathe. I practice the belly breathing all the time but it I am conscious of it. I am told if I keep practicing it will become muscle memory and I will belly breathe all of the time meaning deep breathes instead of shallow breathes. If you breathe from the abdomen slowly you get more oxygen and it helps me with that spacey feeling I get when anxious. I breathe in through my nose to the count of four starting from the abdomen, hold for count of two, then exhale slowly to the count of four. It allows your brain to get the oxygen it needs. I have read studies on CART therapy that show learning to breathe correctly is as valuable and beneficial as CBT therapy. My assumption is put the two together and my chances of reducing the PA's will increase. I hope this helps.
3 years ago
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