what is solipsism syndrome?

solipsism syndrome, what is its symptoms? What is it? Why does it occur?
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I never heard of it so i looked it up. This has been copied and pasted. Solipsism is a philosophical position that nothing outside one's own mind can be known to exist, or, sometimes, the position that nothing outside one's own mind does exist. Solipsism syndrome is, by extension, the overwhelming feeling that nothing is real, that all is a dream. Sufferers become lonely and detached from the world and eventually become completely indifferent.[3] Some people claim to have suffered from Solipsism Syndrome[4] but it is not currently recognized as a psychiatric disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.[5] Shortly after the first manned space efforts, scientists recognized that future space missions might face different scenarios, environments, and challenges, than those of short flight duration.[6] Psychologists have noted that some astronauts and cosmonauts have exhibited symptoms of the syndrome.[7] Concern was raised by scholars regarding the role of the syndrome in fostering disputes within space colonies, including those such as Skylab.[8] from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solipsism_syndrome
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Thanks for posting this question and thanks Missy for answering. I finally have know what is going on with me I thought I was alone.
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YW! Anytime I can be of help! :0) And no I assure you that you are not alone here! :0)
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