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    ears ago

    I do not like making eye contact as well. I would look them in the eye but it always made me uncomfortable. It also made me worry that they're judging me. Now, I don't exactly remember this but my grandmother once said that there was a time when I was talking to my brother and we were both looking down on the floor.

  • Arishark
    Answered by Arishark
    ears ago

    i feel the same. i can't stand it when people are looking at me, and i'm always self conscious of people watching me, mocking me.

  • voiceless
    Answered by voiceless
    ears ago

    Hi, its very common for me as well, as soon as i see someone looking at me, i try to avoid them, or make it seem like i'm busy.

  • KeriGreen
    Answered by KeriGreen
    ears ago

    I have the same thing. I work as a cashier which makes my anxiety really difficult because i have to greet customers as soon as they walk in and on the way out. they probably think i'm crazy when i say hi but i make no eye contact! I know exactly how you feel! Its like when they are looking at me, i feel like they are going to yell at me or complain about something even if they are smiling.

  • kerry1994
    Answered by kerry1994
    ears ago

    I hate direct eye contact. I feel awkward if they are doing something though if I'm talking about something important. I feel most comfortable talking to people when we are walking, everyone is listening/not distracted but no need to look at eachother

  • nmaste
    Answered by nmaste
    ears ago

    My husband and I did not have a church weddding. I just couldn't stand the thought of all those people looking at me when I walked down the isle. Even now when I have emotional talks with my best friend, i prefer that we are in the car. If she is driving, she can't look at me.

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