• Accepted Answer
    Answered by Jan
    ears ago

    I can't have caffine but I am able to drink decaf coffee with no problems :)

  • neuroticbabe2014
    Answered by neuroticbabe2014
    ears ago

    I drink regular coffee and caffeine a lot, but it often increases my anxiety level. Decaf should be ok, although if you're having an espresso drink with a lot of sugar it may increase your anxiety a bit as well, as large amounts of sugar can for most people. Just use your best judgement. Decaf coffee should be fine and you could try regular, but keep in mind you may have a "bad day".

  • zayo
    Answered by zayo
    ears ago

    Decaf is totally fine. It won't cause an anxiety attack. Promise :) I'm drinking decaf now and it hasn't caused any anxiety. But remember other things have caffeine too; Such as soda, chocolate..etc. But I found that ginger ale doesn't have caffeine. And some things can help "wake you up" in the morning rather than drinking coffee. One of them being an apple (some people say it wakes you up, i haven't tried it) also Vitamin B12 helps a lot. I hope this helps?

  • JohnC
    Answered by JohnC
    ears ago

    No! Decaff contains about 1/5 the level of caffeine in normal coffee; still a lot, as anxiety sufferers are often highly sensitive to caffeine. Try a 30-day caffeine free trial; you'll feel bad during it, but great at the end...


    We need to be more aware that caffeine causes/exacerbates anxiety and other mental health condition.

    Just read the 170+ pages of comments of people trying to get off caffeine here;
    And the research referenced here;

    Many people feel they cannot 'get going' in the morning without caffeine; in reality they are just experiencing withdrawal from not having ingested any over the previous hours.

    A key point is the research showing anxiety sufferers can be very sensitive to caffeine; some people think 'it can't be the caffeine, I only have 1 cup a day', but for them that could be the key issue in their anxiety.

    Withdrawal is not easy (especially first 2 weeks, when anxiety actually goes up), but is possible.

    How about cutting all caffeine for 30 days and seeing how you feel? Like this lady here is doing;

  • dbeltran90
    Answered by dbeltran90
    12 months ago

    I have stopped drinking caffeine for about a month now since I had my last panic attack. I am slowly starting to drink decaff because I am having withdraw. I came across this from live strong...

    Decaffeinated coffee is not completely caffeine-free, but it contains significantly less of the substance than regular coffee. For example, the Mayo Clinic advises that 8 oz. of generic brewed coffee contain up to 200 mg of caffeine, while the decaf variety has no more than 12 mg. Caffeine has undesirable side effects for some people, ranging from insomnia to irritability, but the decaffeinated version has its own negative health effects.
    Read more Your text to link here...

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