• Bob
    Answered by Bob
    ears ago

    Not directly. I have been fairly self-destructive since i was young. I used drugs and alcohol, still do but in moderation these days. This has stuffed my liver up and i now have heart problems. I would drive too fast as well. I have only once cut myself, i think 10 years ago now. I was drinking alone and i was around xmas time, i was drinking wine from a stemmed glass and i broke the stem. As i sat there feeling nothing because of depression, i used the broken glass to put multiple cuts in my forearm. I still have the scars to remind me of it. When i'm having a really bad day, i think of stabbing myself through the arm with a knife. But i have to admit, i'm a bit of a pussy when it comes to strong pain, so that stops me. I get frightened that one day i will completely lose it and hurt myself bad.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    yes it has, and its not normal to think that way at all, i would get some help, even if its just talking to a counceller, i am doing cbt because of anxiety and its helps me so much talking to someone who knows and is their to help. i went too far once cutting and ive scars for life, it reminds me how bad i was then and i hate looking at them, i wouldnt do it anymore. if your that bad get help, its not worth hurting yourself over, hope your ok

  • Missy
    Answered by Missy
    ears ago

    I can say my daughter used to do this and her therapist said cutters do it to relieve emotion pain because physical pain helps you forget the emotional pain. No shes married with a baby. She said she stopped because she didn't want her daughter to see any of that. I Pray you can find something in your life that will make you realize that cutting is not good for you. In my daughters case it was her child who saved her life! Thank God!!!

  • Arishark
    Answered by Arishark
    ears ago

    Yes. I do not do it alot though, when i'm numb and afraid i'll go crazy, when i'm seeing these visions of me clawing myself and sitting in a corner, going crazy with paranoia and panic. Yes.
    Otherwise, i just pick at my lip and skin (anxiety symptoms i do unconsciously)

  • kerry1994
    Answered by kerry1994
    ears ago

    I have twice. I felt stupid and like other people who had tragically died in accidents should be here and not me because I did nothing with my life at the time, anxiety ruled me. I didn't cut, I just friction burnt a bit of my thigh until it bled. Of course it kept bleeding for days after because scabs would get pulled off with clothes. I have 2, quite big, marks on my right thigh and they look like bruises.. my mum has asked how ive done them and I've said banged myself. Since they are still there, I think she knows what they are but won't say

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