oxazepam vs xanax, which is better, which one is recommended?

if there was a battle, oxazepam vs xanax who would win, which is the more effective?
Posted in Medication, asked by Vince Lahora, 3 years ago. 4871 hits.

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I can't comment on oxazepam since I have never taken it. Xanax on the other hand has been very helpful for me when I have needed it. It is short acting and gets into your system quickly. I would go with clonazapam if I could. It is slow acting and stays in your system for a lot longer than xanax so you don't get the swings when the xanax wears off. It just doesn't work for me personally.
3 years ago


I would go w/ Xanax, personally it helps me so much.
3 years ago
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