any one know celebrities with panic disorder?

is there any celebrities with panic disorder? Or do they hide it because its bad for them?
Posted in Anxiety, asked by Jimmy Jones, 3 years ago. 1448 hits.

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Yes Stephen Fry. One of my favourite celebs has been through anxiety, depression, attempted suicide, I'm just reading his bio.
3 years ago


1. Princess Diana /princess/ 2. Sigmund Freud /psychologist/ 3. Alfred Lord Tennyson /poet/ 4. Charolette Bronte /writer/ 5. Susie O’Neill / gold medalist-swimmer/ 6. John Cougar Mellancamp /musician, actor/ 7. Ann Wilson Singer – Rock Group “Heart”/ 8. Winona Ryder /actress/ 9. Marie Osmond /entertainer/ 10. Cher /singer, actress/ 11. Beverly Johnson /super model/ 12. Roseanne Barr /comedian – actress/ 13. Michael Jackson /singer/ 14. Dennis Hopper /actor/ 15. Nicole Kidman /actress/ 16. Nicholas Cage /actor/ 17. Sissy Spacek /actress/ 18. Johnny Depp /actor/ 19. Sally Field /actress/ 20. Alanis Morisette /singer/ 21. Burt Reynolds /actor/ 22. Courtney Love /singer – actress/ 23. Delta Burke /actress/ 24. Donny Osmond /entertainer/ 25. Winston Churchill /politician/ 26. Aretha Franklin /singer/ 27. Lani O’Grady /actress/ 28. Michael English /singer/ 29. Sir Laurence Olivier /actor/ 30. Earl Campbell football player/ 31. Al Kasha /songwriter/ 32. Emily Dickinson /poet/ 33. Marty Ingels /comedian/ 34. John Madden /sports announcer/ 35. Leila Kenzle /actress/ 36. Willard Scott /weatherman/ 37. Shecky Greene /comedian/ 38. Olivia Hussey /actress/ 39. Oprah Winfrey /host – says she had just one attack/ 40. Tom Snyder /host/ 41. John Candy /comedian – actor/ 42. Sam Shepard /playwright/ 43. Isaac Asimov /author – educator/ 44. Charles Schultz /cartoonist/ 45. Dean Cain /actor/ 46. Barbra Streisand /singer – actress/ 47. Anne Tyler /author/ 48. James Garner /actor/ 49. Jim Eisenreich /baseball/ 50. Pete Harnisch /baseball/ 51. Nikola Tesla /inventor/ 52. Charlotte Bronte /author/ 53. Alfred Lord Tennyson /poet/ 54. David Bowie /singer/ 55. John Steinbeck /author/ 56. W.B. Yeats /poet/ 57. Sir Isaac Newton /scientist/ 58. Abraham Lincoln /president/ 59. Barbara Gordon /filmmaker/ 60. Robert Burns /poet/ 61. Edvard Munch /artist/ 62. John Stuart Mill /philosopher/ 63. Calista Flockhart /actress/ 64. Lucille Ball /actress, singer/ 65. Jordan and Jonathon Knight /new kids on the block/ 66. Norm McDonald /comedian/ 67. Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics /singer/ 68. Scarlett Johansson /actress/ 69. Naomi Judd /song writer, musician, actress/ 70. Beverly Johnson /super model/ 71. Carly Simon /singer/ 72. Naomi Campbell /super model/
3 years ago
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