how to control anxiety naturally without meds?

how to control anxiety naturally without medicaitons, like natural herbs or so?
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www.facebook.com/Eft4Anxiety?ref=ts I recommend this women for natural help. She has helped me come along way. She is very affordable and works with anyones finacial situation. If you have any question feel free to ask me or contact her directly on her fb page.
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Theres a few natural herbs to try like passion flower,valerian,St Johns Wort. You could try these do some research on google they`ll come up and give you a better idea of whats out there.Hope this helps :)
3 years ago


I don't take meds I rely on my trusty bottle of Bachs Rescue Remedy. I've used it for 10 years now and found it helps a lot. Also Kalms, they helped me through a rough time. Both can be found in health food shops, most supermarkets and pharmacies. :) Also you might try chamomile tea.
3 years ago
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