• Accepted Answer
    Answered by titchy
    ears ago

    That's a yes, my problem is speaking wat to fast, my friend says I sound that I'm talking a foreign language.

  • vickie_1991
    Answered by vickie_1991
    ears ago

    Yes quite often because i talk really fast or sometimes find it difficult to explain how i am really feeling.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    Yeah I'm the oppsite of you two, I often mumble or don't speak clearly or loudly enough and people always ask me to repeat myself, it irriates me, I wish I could just be like everyone else. And yes sometimes I have a hard time getting across what I mean, and end up in a twoddle.

  • SADgirl_814
    Answered by SADgirl_814
    ears ago

    Absolutely. I talk so quiet and I don't even realize it. I'm naturally softspoken so when I'm feeling nervous, it worsens so much.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    Yes. I become anxious so when I speak, sometimes what I say seems quite muddled up. At times I am also very quiet and do get asked to repeat it as well.

  • Love_Bird
    Answered by Love_Bird
    ears ago

    This happens to me all the time! I get very nervous when I talk to people so almost always I have a hard time putting thoughts into words so I wind up muttering or explaining something the wrong way, and people will ask me what I mean or for me to repeat it, then I get even more anxious and think that I'm sounding like an awkward idiot. Ugh, vicious cycle, LOL.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    Yes, I have to repeat myself once or twice - sometimes more, and it's annoying. Sometimes, when I'm nervous, my words would run into each other where others did not hear me correctly and thought I said something else.

  • danni
    Answered by danni
    ears ago

    When I get nervous I speak with a completely different voice to when I'm 'safe'. I sound so much quieter, and speak very fast. I also sometimes talk with a slight accent different to my own, although nobody notices, I think. So I do get asked to repeat myself a lot. That really makes me panic.i get my words mixed up, and can't explain myself.

  • mckinleyma
    Answered by mckinleyma
    ears ago

    Yes, it drives my brother crazy because he has to repeat himself to me so many times. I just don't hear him, my mind is off doing its on thing and I won't remember him doing something and I will question him and says, "You just saw me do that." My attention to detail does not exist anymore and as a designer it has killed my work, I have lost at least 3 jobs because they didn't think I was paying attention.

  • pleasant young lady
    Answered by pleasant young lady
    ears ago

    When having a general conversation or interview I have to prepare what I am going to say as I worry it will not get across clearly or misunderstood. When chatting with family I have to repeat myself as they don't understand what I am talking about its like I am speaking in a foreign language but in my head I no what I saying! Thinking about this makes me not speak in public so I do not get in this situation and embarrassed.

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