• Jonos
    Answered by Jonos
    ears ago

    I love what you just wrote. But the truth is it's just not that simple for everyone. I envy your ability to forge ahead and not think about the things that might make you anxious or upset. That is a GREAT trait to have. I hope you carry on with that mind set. But, unfortunately, for me and many others we can't simply turn off or tune out that voice that tells us we're weird, less than, weak, crazy or just totally worthless. I wish it were just a matter of changing your thoughts and turning off the t.v. The truth is that if I do turn off the t.v. and radio and get off my computer I am left alone with my thoughts and that's not always a comfortable or happy place. I can't speak for others but sometimes I need that distraction as to not get more anxious and/or upset. I wish you the best and applaud you for having found a method that works for you but I am afraid this is not my way. If I could do what you are suggesting I would have done it years ago. I simply can't walk into a crowd when I'm feeling anxious. There are actual physical and mental repercussions if I do so and am not ready for it. Again, I applaud you and your method and if it works for others that is even better. I just don't think this method is as effective for everyone as much as I wish it was.

  • SADgirl_814
    Answered by SADgirl_814
    ears ago

    I completely agree. This was inspiring. Thank you!

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