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    ears ago

    That is a lot. Most I sleep is 10 but I have had that before but I have had it where I sleep about 8 hours then about 2 in the afternoon. This keeps changing for me. A few days ago, I was getting to sleep fine but was wake up a few hours before my alarm which isn't like me but today I nearly over slept. I think it just depends with me. I would suggest going to your doctor about this. Perhaps something has changed for you that is effecting your sleep.

  • Megalatron
    Answered by Megalatron
    ears ago

    I have fluctuations in my sleep patterns but i constantly feel fatigued. Most of the time I get 6-8hrs a night, a lot of the time during the day however I find myself in a dream-like state. Your medication could be causing drowsyness on top of the fatigue which is a common symptom.

  • KeithSchron78
    Answered by KeithSchron78
    ears ago

    I get fatigued as well from anxiety. Its so damn frustrating.

  • hobo85
    Answered by hobo85
    ears ago

    I find after a major panic attack that I need to lay down. it takes a alot out of you. then again. are bodies are in a fight or flight response when we panic so it must take a toll on your energy

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