• Megalatron
    Answered by Megalatron
    ears ago

    I've tried many techniques over the years and some work better than others to me personally.

    I'm currently trying out a process to change my thinking patterns and it seems to be working *fingers crossed*

    I have an elastic band on my wrist and everytime I have an irrational/panicky thought i twang it so that I get a slight stinging that lasts 2secs max. It may not be the most medical technique but I have noticed a slight reduction in these thoughts as my brain is relating it to the "pain" of the elastic band.

  • Answered by
    ears ago

    personally i am going through professional CBT as i want it gone for good! its all about changing your thinking how you think, act and work towards rational thinking. it is helping me, and i also do meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and visualisation.
    Soon as i have a bad thought i think about it for a second, realise im being irrational and correct myself, then get back on to what i am doing and focus on positives. keeping myself busy really helps too and chamomile tea helps calm me at night ready for a good nights sleep

  • Jess Lim Seguenza
    Answered by Jess Lim Seguenza
    ears ago

    what I do is that I quickly think of positive things!

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