• Rony
    Answered by Rony
    ears ago

    Any traumatic event can cause PTSD, it all depends on the severity of the situation it self, and of course the character and the person himself.

  • Sisco
    Answered by Sisco
    ears ago

    I know, but there is some well known traumatic event that can cause PTSD right? thats what im asking, those general events that cause PTSD

  • Dogma
    Answered by Dogma
    ears ago

    those are the most known PTSD causing event:
    Natural disasters
    Car or plane crashes
    Terrorist attacks
    Sudden death of a loved one
    Sexual or physical abuse
    Childhood neglect

  • Dogma
    Answered by Dogma
    ears ago

    But again, those are not all, these are just the most known and famous PTSD causers, any event can be traumatic and cause PTSD.

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