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How do you cope with psychomotor agitation?

Does anyone have to deal much with psychomotor agitation? I lay down to go to sleep, so tired, but my thoughts start going and next thing I know I just can't be still, I'm tapping and rubbing and writhing in my bed and of course I can't sleep like that. I get more upset with my thoughts, they get more serious, I have to get up or take knockout drugs I hate it. I wake up this morning before the drug haze even fully wears off and again it's the thoughts and agitation and feeling compelled to move... I just wanted to finish sleeping the benzos off, but, no. I'm jumping out of the bed tripping out again. That last part isn't exactly unusual, I wake up that way frequently at times, but the physical agitation and maddening need to move, like it will help release the anxiety (but never actually pays out), this is not typical. I can't remember the last time the physical agitation component was so bad, if ever. How can I cope with this?
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