Does anyone else fear there is something medically wrong?

Does anyone else feel like there is something medically wrong or constently worrying about ur heart stopping or having a heart attack. Any feelings or pains u get u think the worst?
Posted in Anxiety, asked by Hellings Vickie, 3 years ago. 5942 hits.

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I constantly think like that, and i'm always to affraid to go to the doctors.
3 years ago


Think all anxiety sufferers think that its just part of the illness. I`ve known people go to hospital and have all kinds of checks but its come out negative.
3 years ago


Yes!! I'm terrified to go to the doctor too! I'll feel like something is wrong with my health and immediately assume the worst. Then I get anxious about going to doctor because I fear I'll find out that something is seriously wrong with me and I won't be able to cope. My anxiety can be paralyzing when I think of potential medical problems
3 years ago


I think it comes with the territory of having anxiety and panic attacks. That is what my attacks are based around, the thought that my throught is closing up or that my heart is malfunctioning, or that I am going crazy...The thing that stresses me out the most and makes me more anxious is thinking if I need to call 911 or not, or if I will be able to make the right judgement call and not waste anyones time. It's a neverending cycle that keeps spinning unless you get your mind off of it. I normally give myself a time limit. If I so getting anxious about something being wrong, I tell myself that if I am fine in a half hour I can forget about it because nothing is going to happen.
3 years ago


This is my biggest problem. I am still trying to find a way to deal with it. It's hard. And I feel like it will never go away. I can't hear anything about cancer or anything deadly. It gets to my head. If anyone out there finds a way to stop this fear or these thoughts please let me know. And I will do the same. But for now I guess we just have to power through it.
3 years ago


I have been to the er lots of times I think I am having a heart attack my chest hurts bad and I feel like i can't breath my arms go numb it's awful
3 years ago


I get TERRIBLE chest pains which are from stress and anxiety. I always swear it's different and "this time" it's a heart attack or stroke. This morning I actually woke up with a terrible pain in my chest sure that I was going to die but yet here I am to talk about it :) I'm always worried if I have a bad headache it's a brain aniorism (spelled wrong) or cancer. You name it..I think I have had But, besides my anxiety and depression...I'm basically a healthy person. We just think WAY to much....
3 years ago
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