what is the quickest way to stop a panic attack?

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Kevin had a great answer above. Deep breathing definitely should help. I personally find medication helps me best though. But, it is different for everybody.
3 years ago


As my friends told , deep breathing is the best technique. and the another method is just to do nothing, which is very difficult indeed , going against our natural instincts but with practice you will be able to do this.It is when we jump out of our chair and hold our head about panic attack which makes them more strong.Just say to yourself, nothing serious will happen, I Know it is going to pass soon. and deep breathe.If you are willing to have panic attack , instead of running away from them( Which is easier said then done) you will realise that it is only when we give power to this , it seems like a dreadful thing.But accepting it will make it subside at earliest.Good Luck.
3 years ago


If you breathe calmly and slowly for at least 3 minutes, you increase the oxygen level in your blood and your heart begins to slow. This is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes in the middle of a panic attack, focusing on breathing can be difficult. One of the effects of overbreathing is that you feel you need more air, so it is difficult to do something which makes you feel as though you are getting less! It's a really good idea to practise while you are not panicking to begin with. This technique will only work if you have practised and if it is used for at least three minutes. It works much better in the very early stages of panic. Practise the following as often as you can. Fill your lungs with air. Imagine you are filling up a bottle, so it fills from the bottom up. Your stomach should push out too. Do not breathe in a shallow way, from your chest, or too deeply. Keep your breathing nice and slow and calm. Breathe out from your mouth and in through your nose. Try breathing in slowly saying to yourself: 1 elephant, 2 elephant, 3 elephant, 4. Then let the breath out slowly to six: 4 elephant, 5 elephant, 6. Keep doing this until you feel calm. Sometimes looking at a second hand on a watch can help to slow breathing down. Remember -Even if you didn’t control your breathing, nothing awful is going to happen.
Kevin Patton
3 years ago
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