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    Answered by mechanic72
    ears ago

    I was not aware that its entirely untreatable. It has been proven that PTSD does alter brain chemistry. I would like to that if brain chemistry can be altered adversely by something then it can also change back to a more healthy state with the right reinforcement. What ,if anything will do that. I do not know. There has been new research showing that the companionship of dogs works very well for ex military with PTSD.

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    Answered by athena2012
    ears ago

    I prefer to look on the bright side that you can at least learn how to cope with it with enough effort and support. Here are some posts that can help;

    Let me know what you think.

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    ears ago

    What exactly would be your definition of treatment? There are treatments and "manageable" should hold no negative connotation. There is no miracle cure for any psychological ailment like PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. With any of these problems you learn how to cope with it and as you do that it will lose intensity and can go into complete remission. You can also have relapses of mental illnesses. Even if that happens, you can get back into recovery. There is hope. Whatever you read I would just try to put out of your mind, it sounds very dismal when in reality, you can get better and better and better still, even if there is no magic "cure" or pill to make it poof, be gone.

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