is blurry vision in one eye anxiety related?

blurry vision in one eye a symtom of anxiety?
Posted in Symptoms, asked by Al Falfa, 3 years ago. 1395 hits.

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I think so, because right now I'm suffering on both eyes. My eyes don't focus properly like it used to be, I see things in two figures. However I'm getting better day by day.
3 months ago


yes i get this quite a bit, its just your eyes focusing on everything more even tho you cant see lol its strange but keep calm about it and it does pass quite quickly then, i used to panic and it just got worse x
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3 years ago


I get that too. Its part of your vision focusing down to a pinpoint for the fight or flight reflex. Mine used to feel like "something" was in my line of sight in one eye. I went to an eye doctor and its all fine.
3 years ago


I have not ever heard of that
3 months ago
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